A Little Luther Goes a Long Way (“long” is eternal life, the “Way” is Christ Himself)!

Martin Luther was a German Reformer living in the 16th century. His writings contain much wisdom and understanding of God’s Holy Scriptures and are always subordinate to them, meaning the Bible itself is the sole true authority (Sola Scriptura). Luther simply had marvelous, God-given insight into His Word which all points to our Savior, Jesus Christ. Some of these nuggets are simply too good not to share.

We’ve tried to highlight points that seem to us to summarize Luther’s teachings from these glorious passages of Scripture. We’ve also provided free downloadable copies of each article…just look for the Rose Download button.

May God bless your own studies of Scripture, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes ([reftagger title=””]Rom 1:16[/reftagger]).

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